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Yagmur Kutbay

Head of HR-Services

After completing a business apprenticeship, followed by vocational baccalaureate, Yagmur Kutbay embarked on gaining initial work experience in various industries. Her professional journey eventually led her to enter the HR field as she pursued further training to become an HR assistant.

In recent years, she held sole responsibility for the entire personnel administration at an IT company. During this period, she seized the opportunity to deepen her expertise and successfully completed additional training to become an HR specialist. Currently, Yagmur Kutbay is studying Business Administration with a focus on Strategic HR Management at Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences. In addition to her studies, she is currently undertaking a course in Labour Law and Data Protection at the Distance University of Applied Sciences to keep her expertise up to date.

Yagmur Kutbay brings extensive experience in various administrative HR areas. At HC Solutions, she leads the HR Services team as a team leader and supports our clients in all HR administration matters.

In her leisure time, Yagmur Kutbay enjoys spending time with her family and her dog. She enjoys reading and likes to discover new places and explore different cultures through travel.

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