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Ihr Partner für Personalmanagement

HR with passion

Common convictions, common goals

HR can generate real added value for your company. Even in SME’s, professional HR management has a positive impact on the company's success and team performance. Of this we are convinced.

We founded HC Solutions in 2012 based on these convictions and with the goal of implementing modern HR management suitable for all, even for SME’s. From the very beginning, we designed our services in such a way that they are professionally comparable to those of a large company, whilst remaining personal and maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Since then we have enjoyed considered and steady growth and are now shaping our path forward together with our team. When choosing new team members, we make sure that they share our values, passion and beliefs, and bring sound and up-to-date expertise in their area of HR. We remain personally committed with every client mandate because our clients' satisfaction is always our top priority.

Personal, effective personnel management increases your company's success. Of this we are convinced.

With our flexible HR services, we help to ensure that your employees are motivated, high performing and satisfied. This is what makes further growth possible in the first place.

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