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Selina Fröhlich


Selina Fröhlich pursued her studies at the University of Zurich, specialising in Sinology and Cultural Studies. After completing her study, she gained practical experience through an internship in the development department of a technology company in Xiamen, China. She then embarked on a career in human resources at an automotive corporation in Zurich, where she worked in a generalist role for several years, supporting over 100 employees, and was subsequently promoted to an HR Business Partner.


To complement her study, Selina Frölich furthered her HR knowledge by obtaining additional qualifications as an HR specialist, including a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Labor Law.


At HC Solutions, Selina Frölich serves as a consultant, assisting clients with various operational and labor law-related HR matters.


During her free time, Selina Frölich finds joy in exploring foreign countries, seeking solace in nature, and treasuring moments spent with her family.

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