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Nastassja Martini


Nastassja successfully completed her initial education as Bank Business Management Assistant in Germany and subsequently worked in a range of areas such as Sales, Organisation and Project Management in Germany and the UK.  

Nastassja discovered her passion for recruiting and coaching after completing additional studies in psychology at the Institute of Applied Psychology and Psychosomatic Medicine in Düsseldorf/Germany. Prior to her employment with us, Nastassja has gained extensive recruitment experience in several companies in Germany and Switzerland and established her own business focusing on coaching solutions .

As a skilled recruiter and coaching expert, Nastassja is now assessing the personal qualification of our client's candidates by conducting thorough interviews and providing detailed feedback and recommendations in comprehensive candidate reports.

Nastassja has already lived in England, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. She is very interested in languages, cultures and of course people. In her spare time she enjoys walking her little dog and is engaged in voluntary work for the association of economic juniors (JCI).

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