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Chantal Malcolm


Chantal Malcolm commenced her career with training at a nursery, where she gained profound insights into educational work and childcare. Upon completing her training, she continued her education and successfully obtained the professional baccalaureate, granting her access to higher education qualifications.

The next step on her journey was enrolling in a part-time course focusing on occupational, personnel, and organisational psychology. At the Northwest Switzerland University of Applied Sciences, Chantal delves into the fascinating world of human interaction in the workplace, striving to gain a profound understanding of the psychological dynamics within organisations. She aims to expand her expertise in the HR industry and specialise in this field upon completing her studies.

Chantal supports our clients in recruitment, bringing her knowledge from her studies in areas such as HR management and recruitment to find the best possible candidates for our clients.

In her leisure time, Chantal is a passionate athlete. She finds balance and strength in activities like running, yoga, or fitness. When not engaged in physical pursuits, she enjoys immersing herself in audiobooks, providing her with further education on new topics. Social interactions are of great importance to Chantal, and she passionately discusses socio-economic and psychological topics with her friends. Through shared experiences with her family and friends, she replenishes positive energy and gains inspiration for her professional and personal goals.

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