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Alessia Cesari


Alessia Cesari successfully completed a commercial apprenticeship at a wine company called Nauer Weine AG, after which she gained valuable professional experience in various industries through diverse commercial activities.


Currently, Alessia is pursuing a degree in Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), where she is gaining her first insights into HR. With a specialisation in Human Resources Management & Change, Alessia Cesari aims to fully launch her career in the HR industry after completing her bachelor’s degree and further educate and deepen her knowledge in this domain. Alessia Cesari supports our clients in the areas of HR administration and recruiting.


During her leisure time, Alessia finds great pleasure in listening to podcasts, exploring and honing her culinary skills, and finding relaxation in the pages of a good book. She maintains a healthy work-life balance by regularly working out at the gym and recharging her batteries through quality time spent with friends and family.

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